Benefits of virtual production

Filmmakers can see the world in real-time, they can react and make changes quickly to creatively explore, before an army of people get involved. Using VR also means they’re reacting naturally to the world they’ve created, and discovering new perspectives they hadn’t thought of until they were standing there. Because it’s multiplayer, there’s a sense of teamwork where people are talking to each other and working together, each bringing their skills to the process.

Having traditional film interfaces to computer graphics means that film crews who have worked on live action sets for decades can bring their talents to a new kind of movie.

Because you figure out the creative with less people, you’re taking a lot of the uncertainty out of post production. Instead of spending months with dozens of visual effects artists trying to figure out what a shot should be, you are doing it with a couple people in a few hours. Plus, you can edit the scene so you know exactly what the film needs to be great BEFORE you send it to the hundreds of artists who will make it feel real.



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